If you want to work in football, there are so roles that you can work your way into – even if aren’t hoping to take the field on game day. Whether you’re hoping to get into management and coaching, marketing or finance, physiotherapy, sports science, a professional player or any of the many other roles available, there will be fair bit that you need to know. 

Whilst some of the roles won’t require the same amount of luck that you would need in order obtain them, such as becoming a professional footballer, many of them require a similar amount of hard work, focus, and determination.

So, no matter what role you’re interested in, here is what you need to do if you want to work in the world game! 

Get on the Pathway

For almost every job, there is a pathway that you can follow in order to reach your drem job. The length, time, and necessary steps will vary depending on the industry, but for almost every role in football, there is a well trodden path. Do your research and find out what this career progression will look like for you and understand where you currently are along this pathway. You may find that you’ve already further than you may have thought! 

This will give you direction, which will help you set goals and get on the right track! 

Attend Soccer Trials

Football academies and trials are an essential element of football for more than just wannabe players. Referees will get experience at these events, along with aspiring coaches, physios, scouts, managers and much more. Attending these will give you a chance to see the inner workings of clubs and the various roles in football. They will also be an excellent chance to network with others working in the industry. 

You need a Network

If you want to work in football, who you know can be just as important as what you know. Football is a success driven industry, so when employers look to fill roles they want to find someone who can help deliver the results they are after. A huge element of this is trust and people to tend to trust people they know. Building a network within the industry can help open doors for new opportunities and help your applications progress. 

Get Qualified

Many roles in football require some form of formal qualifications. This could a university degree, a diploma or some other form of certificate. Do your research to find out what you need for your dream role, and if needed, get yourself on track to complete these requirements. 

Get Experience

Experience goes a long way towards building a successful career, and it’s ever too late to build your own. You can start small by volunteering at a local club, or try to find an entry level job related to your dream job. Ultimately, your aim is be able show a track record of you performing similar tasks to those required for your role of choice.

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