The use of doormat-type rugs brings several benefits to different types of projects. Whether in front of a store, with a custom rug, or at home, with a doormat, these simple and inexpensive items are potent allies. In elevators in commercial or residential buildings, the list of advantages is long. Find out the reasons to start using doormats in elevators in your apartment or your company now. Learn to save on usage and also on purchase. It’s time to purchase a doormat for your elevator.

Savings On Cleaning Is One Of The Main Reasons For Using A Doormat In Elevators.

As elevators have a large turnover of people and, in the case of residential condominiums, even pets, the constant need for a concerned full-time employee to clean the floors is natural, not to mention the amount of water and cleaning products that we end up using.

Using a doormat like sanitizing floor mats in the elevator eliminates the need for an employee, which makes the team’s work easier. Cleaning is done differently and practically; often, it is not necessary to wash. Depending on the doormat type, it is not recommended to wash it, as is the case with doormats made with natural fibers that should only be vacuumed and with little frequency. The ones made of artificial fibers are washed from time to time without specific or expensive products. Saving water, reducing the use of chemical products, and reducing bills are also very important for sustainability, helping preserve the planet.

Charm, beauty, elegance, warmth. This is the fantastic result we get from the use of doormats.

Besides saving money, who doesn’t like to be in a beautiful and elegant environment, right? When it comes to welcoming visitors with charm or arriving at work with that feeling of warmth, these are situations that make our daily lives more pleasant, increasing our quality of life. And elevator mats deliver these benefits for you too.

Presence Of Your Brand In Multiple Environments: A Fantastic Marketing Strategy.

Suppose you are a condominium manager, landlord, business owner, self-employed professional. In that case, everyone will agree that the brand’s presence is a significant factor for a project to solidify and grow. With custom elevator mats, people will see your brand every day, several times a day. This is a marketing strategy used for many years, which even today shows fantastic results and makes the use of custom doormats almost indispensable for an upgrade of your business.

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