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The main index of the Nasdaq stock exchange market is called the Nasdaq Composite which has been published in the report of the media since it has been established for an organization or an institution. The large-cap of the index Nasdaq – 100 has been tracked by the exchange trade fund namely QQQ exchange-traded fund. The index Nasdaq – 100 was introduced back in 1985 along with the other index which was known as the NASDAQ Financial – 100. This index was tracking the largest companies in 100 in number and was working on their market capitalization terms. 

What is NYSE ardc?

This is also known as Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund, Inc. Common shares (NYSE: ARDC at The NYSE is one of the largest stock markets in the world. According to the data report dated on 14th of august in the year 2020, it has faced a loss of 0.02 and is 0.16% in total. The data shows about $12.70. It was founded in the year of 2012 and the NYSE ardc headquarters is at LOS Angeles, California, United States.

NYSE ardc previous data closed at 12.72 and the bid is about 12.55 x 4000 the exchange involved in it is NYSE. It does not reveal its sector, industry and 1-year target yet.  The recent data shows today’s high is about $12.77 and low is about $12.69. NYSE ardc total share volume involves 90,013 and its average volume label is about 101,797. NYSE data reveal its previous 52 weeks high is at $15.91 and the data shows the lowest at $8.10. NYSE total market capital has 291,019,725.

Due to security purposes, it does not reveal the data of P/E Ratio, Forward P/E 1 yr., earning per share (EPS), annualized dividend, Ex-dividend date, dividend pay date and the last but not the least current yield. NYSE most of the data still remains closed and does not publish yet for the public. The beta version in this stock market is 1 which indicates that the price of a security moves with the market.

NYSE one day range is about 12.69-12.77 and 52-week range has the data report at 8.10-15.91. Some other data instead of real one shows the ex-dividend date is 19th of august in the year 2020. NYSE announced the declaration of its distribution for the month of August 2020 of $0.0975 per common share, payable as noted. Ares dynamic credit allocation fund to webcast 2020 annual meeting of shareholders it is due to the emerging public health impact of the covid-19 outbreak, it has changed. You can get free stock from the stock app.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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