The battery is running out too quickly. System crashing. Apps that don’t open. Insufficient internal memory. These are some signs that you need to learn how to format your cell phone soon! Also, if you are going to pass your phone to someone else, this can be a safe way to avoid leaving personal files on your phone. In this content, you will learn everything about formatting cell phones and in which situations it is essential to perform the formatting, you can also visit movical for more tips . Check out!

How To Format Cell Phone: Step By Step

We know that restoring Android and iPhone settings can resolve many devices functionality and crash issues. But when it comes to “formatting,” it gives you butterflies in your stomach. But, calm down. If you want to format your phone, you don’t need to take your device to a specialist or be afraid to perform the procedure.

With just a few steps, you can reconfigure your phone and quickly get back to using it optimally and faster. The formatting process varies depending on the device’s operating system but follows the same guidelines. So, look for options similar to the ones described below on your device, and you won’t have a problem!

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to format your cell phone and back it up:

How To Format Iphone

Go to “Settings” and select “General.”

Scroll down the screen, choose the “Reset” option and then select “Erase Content and Adjustments.”

Enter your password and click “Erase iPhone,” restoring the device’s original settings.

If your iCloud backup is out of date, the device will display an alert. In this case, tap:

“Backup and delete” to update the data or;

“Erase Now” to restore the device without updating the backup.

Then, type in the unlock password and follow with the orientation to “Erase iPhone.”

How To Format Android Phone

Access the “Settings.”

Tap “Backup and Reset.”

Select “Restore Factory Defaults” to delete everything, including applications.

How To Format Windows Phone

Access the settings menu and click on the “About” option.

Click “Restore Factory Settings” and wait to be redirected to a window with the message “Warning!” explaining what will happen with the device.

Confirm that the formatting has been performed.

Remember that formatting is irreversible. So please make sure this is the most appropriate procedure to solve your device problem before confirming.

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