Dropped your cell phone in water and didn’t know what to do to recover the device? It is common to find tips on the Internet, such as putting your smartphone in rice or drying the residue with a hairdryer. But do they work? Is it possible to fix the phone at home without taking it to technical assistance? To help you with this problem, Movical.net experts explain what happens when your phone falls into the water. The tips are also valid for those who have a water-resistant smartphone.

Contact with water can cause oxidation in smartphone components, causing the device to stop working if not corrected in time. Despite this, oxidation removal is a process that can be done relatively quickly with some technical assistance.

The component, however, that usually presents more defects in contact with water is the internal plate. Contrary to what most people think, the screen is not the most at-risk item. “People tend to think that the screen is what is going to damage first, but usually it’s the internal circuitry, and the user usually doesn’t have access to them to fix,” he explains.

Despite this, contact with water can also cause some stains on the smartphone display. This problem, however, can be repaired by technical support. The biggest concern that the user should have when dropping the cell phone in the water is with the internal components, which are the essential parts of the device. The defect of any of these parts is also reflected in the price of a possible repair.

However, it is worth remembering that replacing a mainboard, for example, is more expensive, in which case the repair may not be worth it. In addition, it is also important to note that the longer the user takes to take the device to technical assistance, the lower the possibilities of repair.

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