Cannabis is getting cheaper, in general, the wholesale price of cannabis has fallen over the last year thanks to legalization, more suppliers coming online, and a glut of products from outdoor growers in northern California that drove down prices; in September, wholesale prices for benchmark outdoor strains fell to their lowest point since Statspot began tracking cannabis prices in mid-2014.

It’s now possible to find deals on ounces of cannabis for around $300 — a fraction of what that same amount would have cost just two years ago but even with these low prices, buying an ounce of weed doesn’t have to break the bank and there are plenty of places where you can buy cheap ounce deals on cannabis online, so read on for our tips and tricks for how you can save money every time you buy weed online.

How to Find the Best Ounce Deals on Weed

You can find cheap ounce deals vancouveron cannabis in a few different ways: first, make sure you’re shopping around sites to let you view average prices for cannabis in your area, so you know where to look for a good deal on an ounce, but don’t stop there — do some research to find out where the best ounce deals on weed are and if you’re buying an ounce of cannabis online, make sure the seller ships to your state — otherwise, you’ll have to find a way to get to the dispensary and back.

Check shipping costs, too, some sites will charge you per ounce or item, while others will offer free shipping, it is a unique platform that brings together dispensaries, cultivators, and consumers to create an ecosystem where all stakeholders can benefit from a decentralized network, they have an algorithm that takes into account all these factors to rank the best weed sites and help you find cheap ounce deals.

Finding Cheap Ounces Online

If prices are low in your area, you’ll find cheap ounce deals on cannabis, guaranteed but what if you live in an area where prices are still relatively high?  There are still ways to find cheap ounce deals on cannabis; shop around at different dispensaries — you never know what deals you’ll find, also, check online retailers- some have deals on cannabis while others have coupons or sales that you can use to save money on your purchase and don’t forget about reward programs, too as many online dispensaries offer rewards programs where you can earn points or other incentives by making purchases, you can use these points to save a little bit of money on your order.

Ways to Save Even More on Cannabis

If you’re shopping for cheap ounce deals on cannabis, there are a few things you can do to save even more money, first and foremost, you can use cash to buy your cannabis-many dispensaries offer lower prices for cash transactions because they don’t have to pay credit card processing fees and if you can, try to use cash to buy your cannabis — it could save you a few bucks.

Another great way to save or earnmoney is to become a part of the cannabis community, lots of people are growing cannabis at home and offering their extra weed to people in their area and if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, ask around to see if anyone is offering to sell some of their harvests- you can either pay them in cash or you can trade some of your goods or services.

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