The car owner usually prefers to load the car with their personal belongings while shipping the vehicle to another region or state. The only hassle is that there are some conditions to follow while loading your car with your items before driving it to the shipping yard. 

Professional auto haulers like Ship a car, Inc, advice their clients to follow the guidelines provided by them for safe delivery of their goods packed inside their car. The vehicle transport company instructions prove to be of great help to receive your vehicle and the loaded things safely at the decided destination. 

The dos and don’ts- 

  • Secure your items well. 
    • They shouldn’t move while the vehicle is shifted to another place as it will damage the vehicle interiors. Hence, pack them well and tight. Actually, no insurance company will pay for the damage occurred to your car due to falling or breaking of your personal things. 
    • You need to pack your things in suitcases, shuffle bags or cardboard boxes for securing them safely. Loosely packing your things won’t help to reach them safely at your destination. 
  • Keep your things hidden.
    • The packed items must not be visible through the car windows. Miscreants may break the windows to steal it. Even though the auto transporters provide full safety to your vehicle there are chances of theft and you may lose your packed belongings. The bottom line is that shipping a car packed with your personal belongings involve risk, thus it will be beneficial not to let the packed things to be seen from the outside. 
  • Don’t keep valuable and breakable things in the car.
    • It can be your valuable jewelries, important documents or any other vintage assets that needs higher safety while transportation. It is best to bring them along with you while shipping to another state. Breakable things like your crockery and others must not be packed in your car while it is being shipped to the other state. 

Moreover, the cost of moving your car to the other state will be expensive. Auto transporters do weigh the vehicle before hauling it on the trailer. Hence, your packed things inside the car will increase the car weight eventually rising the shipping cost of the vehicle. 

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Few facts to consider while hiring quality auto transport service- 

  • Hire reliable services even though they charge more compared to the other not so popular auto transporters. You need quality services thus it is fully beneficial to pay more to trusted auto hauler’s company. 
  • Remove all your personal belongings, wash your vehicle and service it before driving it to the shipping yard. 
  • Contact your vehicle insurance agent to know the rules implied while the vehicle is shipped to the other state. You may need to pay more premium amount to cover the damages and after service cost after the vehicle is shipped to the required destination. 

Enjoy shipping your car without worries by hiring reliable services of genuine vehicle transporters like Ship a Car, Inc.

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