There are a lot of websites that let you invest money and make it double. But only pgthe online gaming websitelets you play games and invest money at the same time. While other investing websites tend to be tedious. They might also ask you to pay a monthly or yearly subscription to use its services. But you don’t have to pay subscription fees to this website as it is free to use. Also, you need to book direct slots to invest real money on this website. This website strictly follows a no-loss policy so you don’t have to worry about losing your invested money. 

Though investing was not simple previously due to the unavailability of the internet. Also, there were not many investment projects available for people to invest in. The news of any new investment projects would not reach the maximum number of people due to the scarcity of telephones and other communication services. Sometimes it would be too late to invest in any project as people were not able to manage the cash in time. They did not have online payment apps or credit and debit cards at that time. Hence people were deprived of great investment projects all the time. 

How To Register Or Sign Up On PG? 

PG requires compulsory registration of the users on it for authentication and verification of the person. Once you create a personal account on this website, you can receive all the daily bonuses and credits like other regular users. You can also transfer money on this website from your bank account to book direct slots. Also, it becomes easier for the website to differentiate your account from other users. Your online gaming progress is also saved on the website once you register. 

The whole process of creating a personal account on pg is mentioned below- 

  1. Visit the website- go to the official page of the website and click on the signup or register option. 
  • Enter your information- a screen will appear on your monitor asking for your details like name, age, and contact information. It is required to verify that you are a legit user and not trying to create a fake account. They need to verify your age as the website is only meant for people above 18 years old. People below 18 years old can’t use this website to play online games. They require your contact information so they can contact you if required. 
  • Create a user id- after clicking enter, they will ask you to create a user id and password. Make sure your password is unique and consists of symbols, numbers, and letters. The user id helps other users of the website to identify you and vice versa. With the help of the password, you can log into your account from any other device. Make sure your password is strong so nobody else tries to hack into your gaming account. Then click on enter and your official account is created. 
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