Toddlers, like all kids, need to learn. The problem is that you can’t sit toddlers down in a classroom like you can with older children – they’re just not ready for it. 

So, how can you give them the education they need? Through activities! 

Contrary to what you may believe, toddlers can learn a lot through activities. Whilst they might not be grasping the themes of Shakespeare or the intricacies of trigonometry, they will learn other essential skills. These skills could include things like listening and comprehension, speech skills, focus, and hand-eye coordination. 

Watching Cartoons

Cartoons aren’t just for entertainment; they can also be a great educational tool too especially when you choose the right free kids cartoons

The bright colours and animation will excite, delight, and keep your toddler engaged. Then, as they watch, they can learn about important life lessons like sharing and being kind. If you have the time, why not sit with them and make it a joint activity? 

If your kids are laughing while they learn, they’re more likely to take in these important lessons. 

Reading Together

Books are another excellent educational tool, however, not all toddlers are ready to read the greats. So, why not grab some great educational kids books and sit down with them for a reading session? 

Books have life lessons, fun pictures, and stories your children will love. 

Scavenger Hunts

If you want to get your child up and moving, why not take them on a scavenger hunt? They might be able to find X on a map, but you can use this as an exercise to better understand the world around them. 

One example is that you can play a number scavenger hunt. Give your child some small numbers and ask them to find them. It could be 3 apples, 2 pillows, and one flower. This will help your toddler to grasp numbers and how they exist in everyday life. 

Another idea is to find shapes. Ask them to locate shapes like squares, circles, and rectangles in your home. This will help them to identify shapes. 


Everyone loves to sing, but no one loves it more than toddlers. So, why not use this to your advantage to help them learn? There are plenty of songs that will teach your kids important lessons that they will enjoy singing. 

They may get stuck in your head for weeks, but they will also get stuck in your toddler’s head as they learn! 

Arts Crafts

Arts and crafts like drawing, painting, and making allow kids to experiment with colours, shapes, and explore their imaginations – all of which are important for their development.

Final Thoughts

If you start doing these activities with your toddler, they’ll be learning important lessons before you know it! 

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