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The majority of Amazon merchants must guess at their keywords and test different ad variations because Amazon doesn’t offer a keyword tool like Google does. It frequently ends up being a costly and time-consuming exercise. Utilizing an Amazon SEO tool like Keyword Tool is a better and more efficient solution. To learn more about Amazon suggestion expander you can visit the below link:

When it comes to optimizing your Amazon ads, the Keyword Tool for Amazon can be quite helpful. You may choose the ideal keywords for your Amazon advertisements based on their search volumes, CPCs, and levels of competition by using the data the tool provides. The trend graph displayed for each produced keyword can also be utilized to determine when it is best to push your

PPC Marketing with Amazon suggestion expander

You want to dominate the paid search results for these pertinent terms in addition to showing up organically for them. Make PPC campaigns that are particularly targeted at the keywords on your list of pertinent search terms. You can utilize exact, phrase, or broad match types, but since exact match campaigns provide you the most control and strongly signal importance to Amazon’s algorithm, we advise starting there. Once your listing starts to rank organically, you can always add a broad match campaign to locate a wider range of search terms to appear for.

How is AMZ Suggestion Expander installed?

Simply go to the Chrome extension’s page and click “add to Chrome” to install AMZ Suggestion Expander. In order to make sure it is activated, verify that the tool has loaded into your Chrome browser next to the URL bar. Last but not least, go to Amazon, click the search bar, and then start typing as you watch the extension do its magic.

What is the price of AMZ Suggestion Expander?

Despite the fact that AMZ Suggestion Expander is a fantastic Amazon tool for finding a starting set of keywords within search recommendations, you might want to combine it with additional tools to help you get the most out of the downloaded keywords. You can’t go wrong with a Helium 10 membership if you want the greatest tool overall. It also provides a variety of other tools for various tasks in your Amazon business in addition to additional keyword research tools like Cerebro and Magnet. 

Check out Helium 10’s really helpful Chrome extension after installing the AMZ Suggestion Expander on your Chrome browser. This tool’s wonderful feature is that it is totally free. The tool’s primary features are available for use without cost. However, you may purchase to a premium edition for $9.97 per month or $99.97 per year if you’d like to see additional search traffic statistics. Being able to quickly prioritize which keywords should be used most prominently in your listing is a benefit of being able to see search volume, making the premium version well worth the money. Amazon suggests a variety of items from the various categories you’ve been perusing with the intention of presenting you with goods you’re likely to click on, learn more about, and purchase.

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