Layer masks are an extremely versatile aspect in photo editing that helps you to make selective changes and produce beautiful composite images. At times, though, you can find yourself irritated by a layer mask that doesn’t work together to deliver a successful result. You can find this magic in a photo editor by downloading from several websites like Among the most frequent explanations, photographers wearing a layer mask is to make a focused change to enhance the visibility of the sky.

The problem to create a perfect layer mask and its solution:

Problem: It just doesn’t suit well when you have a fuzzy topic. Natural feathering is particularly problematic since the degree of fuzziness varies from position to position. For starters, the bird’s breast region is much less blurred than the chin area and the top of the head. A variable approach to mask refinement is, therefore needed.

Solution: The solution to this messy problem was to refine the surface cover. To configure the layer mask, click the layer mask toolbar on the layer mask screen to render the layer mask an active entity. For both the Feather and Shift Edge sliders set the optimum value for the overall image, the chin feathers stick out as the primary problem. Fortunately, the solution is a simple paintbrush.

Theoretically, you could potentially increase the radius value and maybe turn to the Smart Map, both situated in the Edge Detection area of the Refine Mask dialogue.

It is quite easy to adjust the layer mask:

Applying subtle improvements is one of the most efficient ways to track the final appearance of your digital pictures.

And according to the efficient Refine Mask dialogue, fine-tuning

your layer masks to produce high-quality results is extremely easy.

Adjustment of layer mask is not that much difficult. You can quickly learn this by practising more and more.

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