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I’m so lucky. I have two daughters, one son, and a wife. The men in this family are outnumbered for sure. Even our dog is female. We figured we’d be stuck in a life of girly things that we wouldn’t be able to ever escape. 

I am so blessed with the ladies in my life. They all love to fish. Don’t get me wrong, they are very lady-like and enjoy their girl time too, but when we’re out as a full family, we do what we all enjoy together. Which is fishing. 

My kids have been exposed to fishing for their entire lives. My wife and I started fishing together when we first became a couple. So that obviously put it front and center for them from very young children. 

I had them entered into tournaments as small kids and they all loved it. They all won first place at least once during their competitive years. It was cool because it gave them a real sense of self pride and I was also extremely proud of them too. There’s nothing quite like teaching your children something and watching them excel at it. 

So as time would have it my kids started growing up, but lucky for me they held onto their interest in fishing. Thankfully, nothing in that subject matter changed at all. 

When my kids hit their high teens we decided it was time that they get their own fly fishing rods, instead of using ours. The sharing was a huge point of contention with the siblings. 

Their birthdays are all within 3 weeks of the other, just different years. We had a get together to celebrate all of their birthdays and that’s when we gifted the 3 of them each with a G. Loomis IMX-PRO Fly Rod. The looks on each of their faces was enough to make it worth every penny. 

They took to those fly fishing rods like nobody’s business. I was amazed at how seamlessly they learned to use these rods. And their coordination and strong points are all different. Yet this rod seemed to be made for each of them. 

This piqued mine and my wife’s curiosity. Our children gave us a chance to try their rods so that we could get a general feel for them. They actually seemed really nice but we figured maybe it just felt different due to not being the right size or something. 

We decided to go for it and order our own. Best decision ever! We are so happy that we went ahead and purchased these. They are amazing. 

They’ve worked so well for my entire family. I love that we l use the same fly fishing rod. I’d do the exact same thing over again in a heartbeat. I’m so glad I found Trouts Fly Fishing. They are a wonderful company. 

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