Businesses, regardless of their sizes, do better when the work is streamlined and organized. For those in remote or in-person working arrangements, task management systems can be a lifesaver. But there are a lot of task management systems on the market, so how can you pick a good one for your business? 

There are a lot of considerations such as cost and size of business, but the features it offers is the most important part. This guide will highlight some of the features to look out for before considering other aspects of the system. 


Being able to track the progress of your team members is what makes task management a breeze. With this amazing feature, you can determine if the tasks are completed on time and meeting deadlines. It gives you access to the progress of any project. Some task management software offer simplified tracking including graphs and charts to help non-technical people understand the progress.

Email alerts

Besides tracking the tasks on the board, email alerts also come in handy for businesses. Team members can work better when they receive emails about their pending tasks. This removes the need to have long meetings daily. With task management, a manager can simply include a comment in the task field and it will be sent to the employees email. It is also easier to pass the right information to employees with a good email alert system. 

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Being able to sort tasks is an important feature any good task management system must have. It is also handy for checking priorities on the task board. Members can share updates in the software and managers can check these updates by setting specific filters. It tracks progress and saves time that would have been used scrolling endlessly to follow up with the progress of team members. 

Assigning tasks 

A task management system makes it easier to share tasks between team members. Hence, it needs an assigning feature to get tasks sent to the right person. A good task management system should be easy to use when it comes to assigning tasks. You’d simply just click on a drop down menu and select the team member to join the task. When this is done, the email alert system takes it from there. 

Task description 

Despite the size of the company, micromanaging team members can affect productivity. This is where a good task management system comes in. It should make provisions for task descriptions so the members can find everything they need to handle a task without any back-and-forth between them and managers.

This feature should also allow members to add notes and ask for clarification from their managers.

Task importation 

Besides starting new tasks, importing tasks from other systems can save time for businesses. A good task management system should offer task importation tools from external sources such as a spreadsheet. It should also provide options for visualization of different types of projects like lists and charts.

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