If you’re new to erotic massage, you might find the thought of doing something that makes you feel so sexy quite intimidating. After all, it’s hard enough to relax after a long, stressful day at work; most people just want to have an occasional indulgent trip to an erotic masseuse. At the touch of a skilled masseuse, your build-up stress and tension can be gently working away, relaxing each inch of your body with the soothing touch of sensual massages.

An erotic massage is an art form. Erotic massagehas been practiced for centuries in different parts of the world, but in today’s society, it’s still not widespread. However, if you’re looking for a great way to relax and feel like you’re getting pampered, an erotic massage might be exactly what you need. Not all masseuses are skilled in this specialized field, but if you know someone who is, it may be worth hiring them to give you a relaxing, erotic massage.

The trick to having a successful erotic massage is to set the mood right. Choose light, soothing candles to set the mood, and keep the room warm, quiet, and inviting. If you want to create an especially romantic atmosphere, or if the recipient is a woman, sensuously scented candles can set the mood right along with some music playing softly in the background.

Make sure the candles you use are scented only with natural oils, as over-the-counter or artificial fragrances can sometimes be harsh and/or too powerful for certain body types and skin colors.

Next, start the erotic massage by gently kneading the inner thigh of the recipient. Gently bring one or two of the ends of the long-handled gloved fingers to the inner thigh, using light pressure to feel the pulse points. You can also use a firm, open-handed stroke to massage the thigh. Massage is best carried out with the receiver lying on their stomach, facing you.

When you feel ready to move on to the next level of intimacy, place your hands on your partner’s private parts – the clitoris and labia lips are the most sensitive parts. Use your tongue to explore these areas and add delightful stimulation by rubbing and caressing the outer lips and edges.

If you want to add an extra dimension to your erotic massage (or foreplay), use your teeth to play with the nipples. Once you’ve had enough of the foreplay, remember to remove your hand so your partner can have some space. It’s best if you start with one partner and then, once you get the hang of it, work on the other.

When done right, any type of erotic massage can give a woman the most powerful orgasms she’s ever experienced. The foreplay may be short or long, but it’s important that you’re patient and that the lovemaking is passionate.

You must touch every area of a woman’s body – every part while you massage her and stimulate her erogenous zones. Touch and feel, listen and talk; communicate on a different level with your partner. There’s no other sexual activity that offers such an amazing variety of feelings for couples to explore together as an erotic massage.

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