Many men, especially from the Western part of the world, are fascinated by Asian women. However, when it comes to dating Asian women, there are things you have to remember to ensure a successful dating experience. 

To date Asian women, you have to follow these things:

· Ditch the stereotypes

Asian women are thought to be submissive and servile, but they are not always like that. There is also a thinking that what they love doing is domestic things such as cooking and cleaning. Well, they make a good partner because of their qualities, but they shouldn’t be looked at that way all the time. Truth be told, even Asian women have western influence, especially if they grew up in Western countries. So, you have to ditch the stereotype and focus on her entire being.

· Avoid guessing ethnicity

One mistake commonly made by men when dating a woman is asking where is she from. Some women are okay with it, but the thing is, asking such a question sounds rude and would set a bad first impression. When trying to start a conversation, it would be nice if you would engage in a more interesting topic, such as Asian culture of some sort. 

· Asian women are not easy to pick up

If there is one thing you should know about Asian women, it is the fact that they are not the easy type. However, just because they are not easy to pick up does not mean they are hard to get. It’s just that they take dating seriously, but once they fall for you, you will have their entire time and attention.

If it is your first time dating an Asian woman, you surely have many questions in mind. Fear and anxiety may get in the way, but you’ll get through it with proper knowledge and etiquette. 

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