Immigration accounts for over 94% of Canada's population growth in the  second quarter of 2022

The Canadian Investor Program allows individuals with a substantial net worth to become permanent residents of Canada. This program is an alternative route to immigration in Canada. To qualify as a Canadian investor, you must meet the requirements for both the Federal and Provincial/Territorial programs. You can choose any province or territory of your choice for residency purposes, though you will still need to go through Quebec’s application process if you wish to live there.

What Is A Canadian Investor Visa

A Canadian investor visa is a permanent resident visa that is issued to foreign nationals who have made an investment in Canada. It requires the applicant to make a substantial financial investment in a new or existing business in Canada, or to invest money in certain types of government bonds, stocks, and other securities such as mutual funds.

The Investment Requirement For Canada Investor Visa

The investment requirement for canada investment immigration is the same as that of the entrepreneur category, which is $300,000. However, there are some differences between them. The first difference is that in investor visa program you can only invest in a passive asset or real estate property whereas in case of entrepreneur visa program you can invest in active assets as well.

The second difference is the time duration for which you have to hold this investment for before transferring it into your bank account. The minimum required time duration for investor category is 3 years while it’s only 18 months for entrepreneur category (if I am not wrong).

Is There A Minimum Time Duration For The Investment

The investment must be maintained for a minimum of 2 years. The investment can be made in any type of asset, business or real estate. The investor can sell the asset after 3 years and get the principal amount back but cannot receive any income from the sale until that time. If you sell your investment earlier than 3 years, then there will be withholding tax on it which is equal to 15%, so it is always advisable not to sell an asset within 3 years of buying it as you may have difficulty in getting back your capital because of this 15% withholding tax

Benefits Of Investing In Canada

The most common investor visa program in Canada is the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) Program. This program allows you to immigrate if you invest $800,000 CAD in a passive investment fund that will be used to create or preserve jobs in Canada.

There are many benefits of living and investing in Canada:

  • Canada has a large, multicultural and diverse population (there are over 60+ ethnic groups).
  • It’s safe and peaceful country with low crime rate; also it has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world!
  • Healthcare services are free for all residents.

There are many benefits of investing in Canada, such as the ability to apply for permanent residence. However, it is important to remember that there are also risks involved. If you decide that investing in Canada is right for you and your family, then we recommend speaking with a qualified immigration consultant before making any decisions about which type of investor program would work best for your situation.

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